Crossway News – 3/Jan/2016

Happy New Year!


Welcome to 2016! The beginning of a new year is an exciting time for many of us. We often wonder what it will be like and how it is going to compare to the previous years. We usually hope that we will finally make a certain breakthrough or that the new year will at least be better than the one before.

It is a time where the term “hope” is widely used all over the world. Is there anything you are hoping for in 2016?
As God is the ruler of time, He alone knows what our future brings. Thankfully, we have received a lot of insight into the future through the Bible. There is one book that especially deals with things that are yet to happen. The book of Revelation speaks of the future and it speaks of hope. And it also shows us the fulfilment of our hope.

As we approach the new year, let us learn more about that hope that God provides. Come, receive encouragement and an outlook for the year ahead!

Crossway Sunday Service 16:00 at Tulpengasse