Crossway News – 7/Feb/2016


How do you see yourself?

Are your rather a down to earth person or do you usually have your head up in the clouds?

In the past two weeks we have learned how God is a sending God and that it really doesn’t matter whether the people sent out consider themselves qualified or not. God has a mission for the church and every believer in Christ plays a role in that!

At the beginning of Colossians 3, Paul writes about being “heavenly minded” or “seeking the things above”. Does he mean I should live my life looking at the sky day in, day out?
Paul is talking about something else, of course. But can we be heavenly minded and still have our feet on the ground at the same time? How should we do this?

The mindset is key. In order to fulfill the mission God has given us, we need to approach this big task with the right attitude!
Come and learn more about how to do this! Worship with us this Sunday at 16:00!