Crossway News – Sunday 28/Nov/2015

Advent season is here!

As we approach the final weeks of 2015, we want to concentrate on the arrival of our Saviour Jesus Christ. To us the story of Christmas is history and maybe we already heard it many, many times. However, when we look at the effect it had on the people who experienced it first hand, it reminds us of what an extraordinary event this was!the female voices of christmas01

Over the next four weeks, Crossway will explore this marvellous story through the eyes of the girls and women who were part of the original Christmas. Some of their statements have been written down in the New Testament, and it is most interesting what we can learn from them! The voices of those women speak a great deal of the coming Messiah. Who are they? What do they say?

The very first woman we encounter is an old lady called Elizabeth. If you like, read Luke 1 before the upcoming worship service. Listen to what Elizabeth has to tell you. And may you be blessed throughout this season by learning more from “The female voices of Christmas”!

…don’t worry – this will speak to men as well! 😉

Join us this Sunday at 16:00 at Crossway International Vienna!