Let’s go to the city! – Crossway News – 21/Feb/2016

It’s time to get practical!

We know now how God blesses us in order to bless others, how anybody can be part of that mission, how heaven should shape our mindset and that the transforming message of the gospel is at the center of it all. But how does it all come together?

On our road to our Vision & Mission we are going to spend some time in the book of Isaiah. Here’s a fun fact about this prophetic book: It uses the term “city” over 60 times. Why is that relevant? Isaiah reveals something about God’s intentions for a city which is still valid 2,700 years after the book was written.

So, what can Isaiah tell us about Vienna in the year 2016, and how is it going to connect to the church and to my personal walk with God?

Find out this Sunday, 16:00 at Crossway!