The Church – Crossway News – 24/Apr/2016

How do you feel about going to church? Are Christians allowed to skip a Sunday Service here and there or is it wrong?
And isn’t it even better and easier to live a life as a Christian without committing to regular meetings?wien-400930_1920

Some people think the church should accept anyone no matter what they believe. Some people think the church should be a safe harbor and withdraw from the rest of the world. Some even think the whole institution has become redundant. Who is right?

If we want to find out more about God’s idea of the church, we need to take a closer look at His Word. But is the Bible’s approach still appropriate for the 21st century? Let’s test and try it!

How does God’s vision for the church and God’s mission as a church apply to us?
Find out this Sunday at 16:00!